About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2004, Made For Retail Inc. is made up of product design & development professionals who are passionate about the rapidly changing world of retail, with a team of supply chain, sourcing, and manufacturing experts committed to efficient, world-class execution.

Our approach to design is to create desirable products that inspire us and our customers. Our organic process is thoughtful, clever, focused and multi-dimensional, leading to differentiated products with a well curated perspective. We take pride in every product we design.

Since our early days, we have expanded our service offerings to include trend forecasts, category and marketplace research, innovative solutions and support of strategic initiatives for retailers seeking ways to stand out in their value price point assortments. We are experts at developing on-trend products with amazing value and seamless execution.

Our Brands

Our Mission

Made For Retail is committed to two basic principles: do good work and be good people. In addition to developing great designs and producing quality product responsibly and efficiently…

  • we strive to have a positive impact on people and in our communities.
  • we support a safe, unbiased organizational culture and an inclusive experience for all stakeholders.
  • we work hard to create and ensure a thoughtful product experience for all guests.
  • we aim for the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and integrity in all that we do each day.