1. Design, Newness, Innovation & Execution.

Our core strategy is to bring strong design, newness, and innovation to products that are everyday best sellers. Balancing what makes a top seller with bringing newness through color, materials, texture, packaging, etc. This proven approach helps our retail partners continue to drive strong sales.

2. We don’t have a product catalog.

Every program and item we develop is unique and thoughtfully created to ensure it appeals to your audience. We specialize in unique, exclusive assortments.

3. Wide range of product capabilities.

We have strong long-term factory partnerships that enable us to deliver complete assortments across many product categories. This makes it easy for our retail partners to work directly with us on entire assortments or just a few key items. Seasonal décor, party supplies & favors, stationery and crafts & DIY are just a few of our capabilities.

4. Product testing expertise.

Strong relationships with independent product testing facilities provides continuous learning. This results in product development with testing requirements in mind, and helps to ensure we deliver high quality, compliant and safe products on time.

5. We are nimble.

We are a highly energetic company that works directly with our factories. No middle men. Strong backgrounds in retail, manufacturing and supply chain management reinforce our drive to exceed your expectations. This allows us to be your very effective partner in the constantly evolving retail world.

6. We are cost competitive.

We believe in great design, great quality, delivering on your margin goals and delighting your customers with strong value. We are always exploring ways to be more creative, delivering new ideas, materials, and products at an amazing value.

7. We understand retail.

Our team brings with them decades of experience at mass retailers in buying, design, product development, manufacturing and supply chain management.